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Nomination Schedule

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Nomination Schedule: 

The International Secretary-Treasurer of the Union shall notify the Local Council President 30 days prior to distributing nomination ballot.

Election Schedule:

Local Council Officer election ballots executed by the active members in good standing of each Local Council shall be returned to the International Office no earlier than sixty (60) days and no later than thirty (30) days before the start of a term of office, or before the date established by the International Secretary-Treasurer of the Union.


All ballots conducted by AFA will be held utilizing the electronic ballot, you will receive a Voting Notice and Instructions (VNI). This document will provide you with the information needed to cast your ballot via telephone or internet. The polls will open approximately seven days after the VNI is mailed. The polls close on the date listed and no ballots will be accepted after the time specified on the date. The Ballot Certification Committee will officiate the ballot count shortly after the polls close.