Envoy Air Council 59 MIA

Welcome Envoy Air Council 59 Members!

Certified Election Results: The following Flight Attendants were elected to the term of office beginning October 15, 2021 ending June 30, 2023.

LEC President:
Dermaly Flores

LEC Vice President:

Ahmad Newman

LEC Secretary:

Yvonne Morales

Click here for the certified election results.

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Special Election Notice

In accordance with the Articles III & VIII of the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws, a special election is being conducted to fill the permanent positions of LEC President, LEC Vice President and LEC Secretary. The term of office begins after completion of the election ballot count October 15, 2021 and will end on June 30, 2023 (AFA Election Category II). Local Council Officers to be elected will be LEC President, LEC Vice President, & LEC Secretary.

As an active member in good standing, you have the right to nominate candidates for office, to run for office and to cast a secret ballot.

Nominations and elections are governed by procedures outlined in the Association’s Constitution & Bylaws, Article VIII and the AFA Policy Manual.

All active (meaning dues paying) Members in Good Standing as of the count date will be eligible to vote for the entire voting period. Members who are on a leave of absence or voluntary furlough are active and eligible to vote during the first 90 days. Those on leave beyond the 90 days and wish to remain active with AFA must continue to pay dues beyond their leave obligation (3 months). You must pay any outstanding dues before you will be eligible to vote. Approval is by a simple majority of valid ballots cast by Members in Good Standing.

For those who are new hires with your airline, you must complete the 4 month AFA Apprentice Membership on or before the count date in order to participate in the nomination or election process.


STEP 1: Nominations
The first step in the process is nominating candidates for each office. Every active AFA member in good standing is eligible to nominate one Flight Attendant to each LEC Office for their respective Local Council. There is no candidate list provided for Nominations since any active AFA member of the Local Council, who is in good standing and is committed to serve, is eligible to be nominated.

You will receive a Voting Notice and Instructions guide via postal mail which includes a personal 16-digit activation code that is required to log into the voting system in order to obtain a username and password. You will then be able to access the balloting section and cast your vote. The entire process can only be accomplished via the internet in one session, but please ensure you completely follow the instructions. ** Once you cast your vote you may not re-vote in accordance with Department of Labor guidelines.

STEP 2: Elections
The next step in the process is electing those members who have committed to serve the membership and received at least two nomination votes. Each member in good standing is eligible to vote for one candidate for each LEC Office.

You will receive the Voting Notice & Instructions along with a Voting Guide listing the candidates running for each office. This mailing will include a new personal 16-digit activation code, and similar to the Nomination process, it will allow you to access the voting system via phone or internet to obtain a username and password and cast your ballot. Due to account security requirements you are issued a new 16-digit activation code for each election. ** Once you cast your vote you may not re-vote in accordance with Department of Labor guidelines.

Each member who receives at least two nominations and who intends on running for office must complete a Commitment to Serve form. This form is found on the AFA Election website:

The AFA Election website contains information regarding the voting process, eligibility to vote and step-by-step guides and videos. The official certified results for each nomination and election will be posted on this site under the specific Council’s page.