Silver Airways Council 83


To: All Council 83 Members

From:  AFA Ballot Certification Committee

Re: Postponing and Rescheduling the Council 83 Elections.

In order to include all Flight Attendants from Silver Airways and Seaborne Airlines the election of Local Executive Council Officers will be postponed until the Flight Attendants from both airlines are members of Council 83.

Once that occurs, we will conduct a new nomination and election process.  The dates have not been determined yet.  A new notice will be sent to Council 83 once the dates are finalized.



2018 Election Results:  The following Flight Attendants were elected to the term of office beginning March 1, 2018 ending June 30, 2020

LEC President

Shannya Peralta

LEC Vice President

Steven Juniper

LEC Secretary

William Cruz-Auffant

Click here for a copy of the certified results.